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SERVING UP HISTORY - Savor the Flavors of Early
West Virginia Cookery 1776 – 1860

This second book, a cookbook, comes as a companion
to the earlier West Virginia foodways history book, The Frontier Table. This new cookery book includes over 100 historic “receipts” (recipes) with modern translations for today’s cook and kitchen.  It includes Historic Insights and Cook’s Notes to help the reader understand and prepare these heirloom recipes and includes 30 references. There is a “Gone Visiting” chapter about historic places throughout West Virginia that the public can visit featuring colorful site and food photos. Each location has a sample menu for a “happening” like a musical evening, a corn husking, or a holiday celebration complete with historical recipes to whet your appetite.

  • Written by Martha R. & Richard S. Hartley
  • Edited by WVLiving
  • 224 pages; soft cover w/ lay-flat binding
  • 145 color photos, 7.5" x 9.25”
  • $24.95  

Chapters in Serving Up History include:

  • Early West Virginia Cookery
  • Pioneer Kitchens
  • Old Recipes to Use
  • Gone Visiting: Menus & Meals at Historic WV Places
  • Menu Recipes from Historic Places 

Our Newest Book
Available in November 2015



THE FRONTIER TABLE – A Treatise & Source Book on
Western Virginia Foodways History - 1776 – 1860

By Martha R. & Richard S. Hartley

This treatise shares the unique and rich cultural   
heritage of West Virginia as it relates to food, presents an assemblage of sources where information on West Virginia food history can be found, and increases our understanding of the importance of food production to the frontier family table. Book features include:

  • Over 230 sources of information
  • 85% of references written or published before 1900
  • More than 89 illustrations including several historical sketches
  • Printed by McClain Printing Company
  • 224 pages, B & W,  5.75" x 8.75", soft cover
  • Limited Edition - $24.95

This Book Offers:

  • Heart-moving accounts of early frontier life;
  • Stories of the struggles & challenges of feeding the pioneer family;
  • Cooking methods used at the hearth;
  • Information on how foodstuffs were preserved.





Is An In-Depth Look At People In A Location As Well As An Examination Of The Procurement, Preparation,
And Presentation Of Foods On Their Table.